“Denny is probably one of the smartest men that I have ever met from a business standpoint.”

– Walter Bush
Founder of Minnesota North Stars

“Denny is always looking for opportunities for a transaction. His mind is going 24/7. He sees around corners. He will bring our firm something and we wonder, ‘Where is he going with this? How do you make this work?’ Give him a little time, and you see he’s found some opportunity to combine one and one and make four.”

– Ralph Strangis
Kaplin Strangis Kaplan, P.A.

“Denny has the ability to make a decision is one of his biggest assets. People at big companies make big decisions but they usually want four or five opinions and want to discuss and mull it around. I am not saying denny leaves his support group our of it, but Denny makes decisions on his own, and makes them fast.”

– Wayne Besile
Champ’s Restaurant

“Denny is not afraid to take a chance. Hecker has the spirit of a risk taker. If you look around at the really  successful people in this world, they are gamblers at heart…They aren’t content with the status quo.”

– Darryl Rooney
Pioneer Press

“Certain people have the tenacity and the drive to get things done. Entrepenuers are born they are not made. He’s street smart and business savvy and that takes him to a whole new level.”

– Michael Givens
Wendy’s FourCrown, Inc.