Hard Work—Guts—
Never Give Up”…

These are synonyms
that define Denny
Hecker’s character.

He grew up in a middle class, blue-collar neighborhood and was raised by hard working parents that struggled to get by. He had no special privileges, unique advantages, or specialized education. Despite this humble beginning he created the American dream for himself and lived it to the fullest extent.

Denny is a deal maker and an opportunist. He has hard fought wisdom and self-confidence that result from his expansive knowledge of how to negotiate deals and get things done thus giving him a practical advantage whether he is buying or selling.  His passion is overcoming the impossible by fixing broken projects and finding new solutions to existing problems. He then turns them into golden opportunities. He is the consummate deal-maker. Denny built his business empire over a span of 40 years. He has had more than 100 different companies of all types averaging more than $4 billion in annual revenue.

His core business was in the automotive industry that served as a springboard to financial services, hi-tech., the food industry, leasing, real estate, and many others that he created or founded to fill an existing void and to take advantage of low interest rates. He has been involved with acquisitions and sales of his businesses more than 100 times to a wide range of buyers and sellers. Selling 3 of his companies to publicly traded Wall Street giants G.E. and cox broadcasting. His wisdom and the experience bring fresh insights and a new perspective to anyone looking to acquire or sell or even start their own business big or small. He built a company culture that people wanted to be a part of and on his team. When attending an Overcoming the Impossible event you will see immediately how approachable and real Denny is. It’s sincere and refreshing to experience the positive energy created. Denny has served as a board member on private and public companies. He has been a frequent featured speaker at civic and fund raising events and is a frequent speaker at university business seminars.

When the financial crisis of 2008 began it brought new challenges and set backs for him and his companies. Poor choices and bad decisions led to his downfall. This was followed by a well-publicized dispute with the Chrysler Financial Corporation and others. In March 2011, Denny pleaded guilty to 1-count of bank fraud and 1-count of Bankruptcy Fraud. In the process, he lost time with his children which was the most precious thing in his life and meant everything to him. In addition, he lost his homes, his personal possessions, even his golf clubs and wedding ring. He faced a 10-year prison sentence of which he served 7 and one half years and that ultimately saw a new Denny emerge.Taking valuable lessons from the mistakes he made and the price he paid, his story and the lessons he has learned of success and failure are like none you have read. His positive attitude and approach to problems and opportunities are a lesson on life that everyone can learn from and put to practical use in there own play book.